NCTC Activities for On-Site Participants

We only offer activities to participants who are staying on-site.  

Activities and the time of the activity may change weekly. Each week's activities are advertised on the table tents in the Social Lounge, Guest Channel 2, the electronic display boards, and at the "Interest Table" at the bottom of the Commons staircase on Mondays at lunch. All sign-up sheets and weekly advertisements are located on the table for guest reference throughout the week. Sign-ups are required for some activities and will be noted in the event scheduled below.

If you have any questions, please contact Maureen Dougherty, NCTC Activities Coordinator @ .

*It is recommended that the appropriate shoes and attire will make for a more comfortable and safe experience.  Tennis shoes and loose clothing for indoor activities and tennis shoes, river shoes/sandals, hiking shoes, quick-dry outwear and rain gear are recommended for outdoor activities.

Upcoming Events