National Elk Refuge Junior Naturalist Program

Junior Naturalist Adventure Book
Junior Naturalist Program

Do you love exploring nature? At the National Elk Refuge, we love getting visitors and the community to discover the magic of nature! The National Elk Refuge Junior Naturalist program is a great resource to connect children, families, and nature lovers of all ages to our beautiful natural world.

Guess what? You don't have to travel all the way to Wyoming to experience the National Elk Refuge. Through this engaging adventure book, you can explore nature in your neighborhood while learning about the wildlife found on the National Elk Refuge. You may even discover that some wildlife who live in your neighborhood also live in Wyoming!

This program is free and open to anyone interested in participating.

How to become a Junior Naturalist

To participate, email with you mailing address and we will send you a book in the mail. Once completed, send an email of completion and you will receive a patch!

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