Improving Conservation Outcomes Through Social Science Integration


Target Audience:  

USFWS professionals with some social science knowledge and experience within programs, regions, and stations. This includedecision-makersrs, mid-level managers, practitione,rs and social science experts.  

Summary and Objectives:  

Integrating the relationship between people and the environment in the conservation work of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service efforts improves conservation outcomes for wildlife and their habitats. This course is designed to bring social science and application into your everyday work, whether you are a practitioner, decision maker or social science expert. You will take away tools, methods, and practices you can use to improve your work your station, in your region and in your program and to champion a multi-disciplinary integrated approach to conservation in our organization. You will develop relationships and become part of an extended network of social science experts and champions who are there to help you when you reach the edges of your own skill sets. You will depart equipped to take on the role of change agent to build capacity for socio-ecological integration to improve conservation outcomes for the USFWS.  

Upon completion, participants will be able to:  

  • Demonstrate how social science can help the Service achieve its mission. 
  • Apply social science tools and methods in their work. 
  • Include social science in conservation planning, delivery, and evaluation. 
  • Draw from case studies to show tangible results and build the business case for social science integration. 
  • Engage with a community of practice to improve social science integration across USFWS programs and functions. 
  • Contribute to development of a roadmap/implementation plan that directs the advancement of social science across the USFWS. 
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