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Photo - Discussing Cane River dam removal on site. Credit A. Goetz/USFWS
Photo credit: USFWS
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  • Species information and guidance

    Photo: Mara Alaexander discusses mountain bogs. Credit: USFWS
    Photo credit: USFWS

    Photo: Discussing wetlands restoration plans. Credit: USFWS
    Photo credit: USFWS
    Private landowner resources

    Photo: Teaching students about stream animals. Credit - USFWS
    Photo credit: USFWS
    Education resources


    Federally threatened or endangered species in in North Carolina

    Profiles for mountain and upper Piedmont species


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      Due to concerns about the corona virus, all of the employees of the Asheville Ecological Services Office are currently working from home in an effort to curb the spread of the virus. However, our office is still conducting business. Here's how to contact us: Since hard copy mail may not be delivered/seen in a timely manner, patrons are advised to send correspondence directly to the staff member via email. If you don't know exactly who to direct your email to, please send it to All our employees are reachable by email and cell phone.




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