Mosquito Management on Tijuana Slough

This activity was most recently evaluated and found compatible on the Tijuana Slough NWR in January 2020.  Mosquito management involves activities undertaken to monitor and control mosquitoes, including habitat management, and is implemented in accordance with an integrated pest management approach. The refuge annually issues a special use permit to San Diego County Vector Control to conduct mosquito management on the Tijuana Slough NWR. Refuge and county staff coordinate efforts to manage the overall environmental health of adjacent communities while minimizing impacts to refuge trust resources. Mosquito management is implemented through a phased approach that emphasizes early detection and treatment, if warranted, with larvicides. The use of adulticides on the refuge would only be considered for review and approval in the case of a formally declared human health emergency by the county. For questions about mosquito management on the refuge, please contact:

Jill Terp, Deputy Project Leader

Cell (619) 719-8579 

Office (619) 221-3473