Kids Discovery Center

Lots of exciting learning activities and crafts await you at the KIDS’ DISCOVERY CENTER!  New themes are presented monthly to engage kids (ages 3-10) and adults in nature-related fun.

Daily, Tuesday through Saturday: Sessions start at 9:00 am, 10:00 am, 11:00 am, and 12 noon. Duration: 35 minutes, each.

Ages 3-10; adult accompaniment required. Registration strongly recommended. Call the Kids’ Discovery Center (KDC) Registration line at 301-497-5760 to reserve a 35-minute time slot for you and your child. (To work with KDC volunteers to help develop curriculum activities for children, please call the front desk (301-497-5772); ask for Barrie.)

Children ages 3-10* explore and learn about nature and the environment through engaging, age-appropriate activities, crafts and games, with parent/guardian support. Older siblings are welcome to join with parents and work with younger siblings to help them understand and complete the activities.

*NOTE: The Kid’s Discovery Center is neither baby-proofed nor appropriate for children younger than 3, due to small items featured in the exhibits and activities. Parents are required to work with their child at each of the parent-led activities.

Program Themes:

September: SQUIRRELS & CHIPMUNKS- Each season, we marvel at the ability of these animals to leap from tree to tree and scamper quickly away from dangerous cars. But how much do we really know about the life cycle of squirrels and chipmunks? Come and learn about these common rodents and the good deeds they perform around your home!

October: BATS! BATS! BATS! Bats have gotten a “bad rap” because of their connection to the holiday at the end of October. You can, however, say “THANKS” to them for keeping pesky mosquitoes from attacking you in droves! What else do bats do? Come discover for yourself the magic that these nighttime fliers perform!

November: WHOOOOO’S that flying around the neighborhood? It’s neither Superman, Spiderman, nor Batman. Give up? It’s the silent, night hunter of the skies…the beautiful owl! Come and learn what jobs these magnificent creatures perform each night while you sleep! Monarch Magi