New Month, New Name, Same Unwavering Purpose

The Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program is changing its name to the Office of Conservation Investment. This organizational name change is more inclusive of our current responsibilities and workforce, and better articulates the work we collectively accomplish to support the mission of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

We are a program with a legacy that started with historic grant programs in Wildlife Restoration (WR) and Sport Fish Restoration (SFR), which helped to build partnerships with state fish and wildlife agencies and manufacturers. However, the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program has expanded and grown to much more than those initial programs. We have evolved from one grant program for state fish and wildlife agencies in 1937 to supporting over 60 grant programs with a wide range of services to a plethora of partners. Today, our staff are occupationally more diverse and cover more fields and skillsets than ever before. Adopting the name, Office of Conservation Investment, allows our program to be holistic, inclusive, and relevant.

We know that a strong identity leads to organizational success and this renaming effort will foster a program identity that increases awareness with our partners while recognizing our collective and expanded role in conservation. Key to remaining inclusive and relevant during this multiyear renaming process was selecting an organization name that honors our past and embraces our growing role in conservation. We held numerous focus group sessions and informal discussions with state agency staff, NGO partners, and industry leaders. We also held listening sessions with our staff.  We believe that the new Office of Conservation Investment name supports the input we received and pays respect to the many partners and staff that are engaged in carrying out our work now and into the future.

We are a dynamic program of adaption, enhancement, and innovation. Started over 85 years ago with one grant program, we have undergone many organization changes to better serve the mission of the Service, our partners, and to meet the growing need for conservation and outdoor access. Conservation is by its very nature an investment in the future. Under the new program name, we will continue to support our fellow Service programs and work with states, tribal nations, landowners, nongovernmental organizations, and industry to benefit fish and wildlife and the habitats they call home. We look forward to serving our partners with the same commitment and standards while embracing a new identity to lead us into the future.