Sinkhole repair completion
Sinkhole repairs completed with a solution to the cause

Southern Construction Concepts Corporation out of Knoxville, TN completed the last states of sinkhole mitigation:
• Stripped the adjacent broken asphalt
• Dug the surface water drainage trench
• Installed the road drainage
• And installed asphalt

The end result included a speedbump to act as a water diverter in the heaviest of rains. We are not thrilled about the bump at the hatchery, but as the funding for this repair came from the roads division and some minor annoyance wasn’t worth another challenge. Hopefully we can shave it down some in the future.

Pictures were taken a week later, showing how the repair handled both the sinkhole and surface water drainage that caused most if not all of the problem.
An inlet drain was installed on the high side of the road at the bottom of the hatchery driveway. We can see in the picture that a huge amount of water was coming down the street and pouring in and over the low spot sinkhole location. We saved 100k (that was unavailable in repair budgets) by discharging the drain on the surface downslope instead of trying to excavate 300’ to connect the hatchery storm water drainage. Rainwater continues down the road surface until it meets with the already existing hatchery storm drainage opening. The repair process wasn’t looking for a perfect repair, rather a cost efficient repair that maintains operations and makes efficient low cost use of maintenance funds. The permanent repairs are anticipated in 5 years when Dale Hollow is scheduled for a road evaluation and deferred maintenance.