Birder bingo for the big game
Swifties: Birders who are passionate and loyal fans of all species of swifts, such as chimney swifts.

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We heard the Swifties will be watching football this weekend and didn’t want to let the birders down! Though there aren’t any birds playing in the big game this weekend, apparently Kansas City’s Travis Kelce is a big Swiftie himself. Whether you’re packing your binoculars to attend the game in person or planning an epic watch party, we wanted to add to your fun. We present: Big Game Birder Bingo.

Download the bingo cards and play!

If you’re in your football era, we hope you enjoy the game and that it lives up to your “wildest dreams.” Even if your preferred “red” team doesn’t win, just “shake it off.” You know “all too well” that football season will “begin again,” and in the meantime, birding is all year round! Get outside and enjoy the action in nature. If you loved this bingo game, we encourage you to keep playing with our other birding bingo cards

And if you have a “reputation” of being an excellent birder, how about sharing your talents by participating in community science, like a bird count? These events crowdsource data for researchers who are monitoring global bird populations. The 2024 Great Backyard Bird Count begins Friday, February 16.

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