Frequently asked questions for Erwin National Fish Hatchery

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Check out some of our most common questions and answers at Erwin National Fish Hatchery!


Question: When do you stock fish? 

Answer: Erwin NFH is a broodstock broodstock
The reproductively mature adults in a population that breed (or spawn) and produce more individuals (offspring or progeny).

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facility, so we do not have a stocking schedule. If you have questions about trout stocking in Tennessee please contact the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

Question: Do you offer tours of the hatchery?

Answer: We do not offer walk up tours at this time. Groups of four or more may call the hatchery to schedule a tour at least two weeks in advance. 

Question: Can I bring my dog to the hatchery?

Answer: Dogs are welcome to come explore the outside of the hatchery. Please remember to clean up after your pet. 

Question: What do I do if I find an injured animal?

Answer: Please contact the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency to find the nearest licensed animal rehabilitator. 

Question: Do you sell fishing and hunting licenses? 

Answer: We do not sell any fishing or hunting licenses at the hatchery. Please contact the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency to find all authorized vendors.