ICCA Alumni: A Commitment to Protecting Wildlife and to Each Other

The ICCAs emphasize the importance of developing and maintaining local, regional, and international inter-agency intelligence exchanges, creating open dialogues, and enhancing global conservation law enforcement relationships -- the global problem of wildlife trafficking requires a global solution.

As one ICCA graduate stated, “Wildlife does not adhere to international borders, nor do wildlife traffickers, so if we are going to combat wildlife trafficking, we must also work seamlessly across borders and other jurisdictions. This borderless protection concept represents a core part of the vision of the ICCA global community; creating an enforcement network that can fight transnational wildlife crimes in a more efficient, cooperative, and collaborative way.”

ICCA graduates have made a commitment to build upon the relationships developed during the academies by attending in-person and virtual meetings and actively participating in the ICCA alumni group social media platforms.  They are committed to the continued collaboration now and into the future - sharing experiences and working together to combat wildlife trafficking.  They are doing their utmost to ensure the world’s natural resources will be present for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.