The First Virtual ICCA

The TDU training staff was determined to continue the training mission even during a worldwide pandemic.  They worked tirelessly to reformat the training from in-person to virtual and the first virtual ICCA (V-ICCA) took place in February of 2021.  In addition to being the first virtual academy, it also was the first time that ICCA alumni served as assistant or co-coaches. This greatly enhanced the overall participant experience, improved shared understanding of common challenges, and strengthened professional networks.

Nothing can compare to meeting and training in person, but since the core training and the ICCA’s foundation is adaptive leadership, the V-ICCAs have proven to be an effective training model. No matter in what format the training is provided, instructors, coaches, and class attendees are encouraged to interact, get to know each other, and learn and support one another.  Ultimately, the core success of the ICCAs are the professional relationships that are established or enhanced.  Once trust and understanding are established, the staff and attendees discuss and develop solutions to solve local work challenges that are specific to the land area or other commonality that each cohort represents.