Our 2019 Year in Review

As you turn the pages of our 2019 Year in Review, you will see inspirational conservation successes from the people of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and our partners who work to protect fish, wildlife, plants, and natural habitats of the central and Southern California coast. This year, we have many successes to celebrate.

After one of California’s largest wildfires, we worked with partners in the Ojai Valley to restore native habitat for wildlife displaced by fire. We worked to keep the Santa Clara River wild, providing flood protection and habitat for rare species, while neighboring farms grow food to support local communities. We asked for the public’s help in curbing the illegal international poaching trade threatening “liveforevers,” rare succulents found only in the Santa Monica Mountains. We celebrated a successful reintroduction of San Fernando Valley spineflower, a plant once believed to be extinct, to the hills above Santa Clarita. We honored a breast cancer survivor who beat the odds, and a former gang member turned conservationist. Thank you to our partners and our community for making these success stories and so many others possible.

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