Steve Mussman

Steve Mussman
Conservation Geneticist

1440 Abernathy Creek Rd.
Longview, WA 98612
United States

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About Steve Mussman

Steve's research focuses on bioinformatics, population genetics, species identification and conservation genetics of a variety of taxa. His projects typically collaborate with a number of partners including private, tribal, state and other federal agencies.


B.S., 2005,  Anthropology, Iowa State University

B.S., 2008, Biology, Colorado State University, 2008

M.S., 2011, Biology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Ph.D., 2018, Biology, University of Arkansas


Mussmann, SM, MJ Saltzgiver, TA Delomas, MR Campbell, TA Diver, and WD Wilson. 2022. Rapid molecular determination of sex for western North American chub (Gila spp.). North American Journal of Fisheries Management 42(1): 73-84.

Mussmann, SM, MR Douglas, DD Oakey, and ME Douglas. 2020. Defining relictual biodiversity: Conservation units in speckled dace (Leuciscidae: Rhinichthys osculus) of the Greater Death Valley ecosystem. Ecology and Evolution 10(3): 1-20.

Mussmann, SM, MR Douglas, TK Chafin, and ME Douglas. 2020. AdmixPipe: population analyses in Admixture for non-model organisms. BMC Bioinformatics 21(1):337.

Mussmann, SM, MR Douglas, MR Bangs, and ME Douglas. 2020. Comp-D: a program for comprehensive computation of D-statistics and population summaries of reticulated evolution. Conservation Genetics Resources 12(11): 263-267.

Mussmann, SM, MR Douglas, TK Chafin, and ME Douglas. 2019. BA3-SNPs: Contemporary migration reconfigured in BayesAss for next-generation sequence data. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 10(10):1808-1813.

Mussmann, SM, MR Douglas, WJB Anthonysamy, MA Davis, SA Simpson, W Louis, and ME Douglas. 2017. Genetic rescue, the greater prairie chicken and the problem of conservation reliance in the Anthropocene. Royal Society Open Science 4(2): 160736.

From The Library

Genetic Evaluation of Fall Chinook Salmon Carcasses Collected During Annual Spawning Ground Surveys of the White Salmon River, WA from 2013–2021

Hybridization among threatened tule and non-native upriver bright (URB) fall-run Chinook salmon populations has been observed in both the White Salmon River and broodstocks at the Little White Salmon (LWS), Willard (WI), and Spring Creek (SC) National Fish Hatcheries (NFH). Previous genetic...