Jessica Mackiewicz

a woman wearing a scarf and sweater smiles and stands outside
Executive Administrative Assistant

About Jessica Mackiewicz

Jessica Mackiewicz is an accomplished office administrator and executive assistant and has over ten years of experience supporting diverse teams and high-level executives across a broad range of industries. She graduated with a Master of Science in Applied Psychology from Sacred Heart University in 2016. For the past five years she has been employed as the assistant to the Dean at the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts. Prior to this service, she spent 8 years as a soldier in the United States Army, both active duty and reserve.

She notes, "It was during my time in the military that I found my calling in administrative support and office management, a job that was considered a time filler during my first pregnancy. Turns out, I was really kind of great at it. I was able to build strong relationships with my leadership team and was given the honor of serving as the manager of that office until the end of my contract. I pride myself on the ability to not only be a highly competent assistant but to become a reliable and trusted member of the team. I believe that I am only as strong as my ability to build relationships."

Outside of the office, Jessica is a wife and mother to two beautiful children, three dogs, three cats and a collection of fish. She shares a love of coffee and board games with her close friends, adores nature, and has hobbies including hiking, gardening, and swimming.  She is also an avid reader, LEGOist and puzzler.