Ian Fischer

Ian Fischer, Public Affairs Specialist
Public Affairs Specialist

200 Dulles Drive
Lafayette, LA 70506
United States

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About Ian Fischer

While serving as a communicator in various professional settings, Ian Fischer always found himself at home when spending time in nature. Between listening to the wind whirl through sails over open water, hiking through the pristine beauty of our national parks, or simply saying “howdy” to the palm-sized spiders in his back yard, Ian recognized a deep appreciation for wildlife.

Ian was thrilled when he became a Public Affairs Specialist in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 2021. He believes in the Service’s mission and enjoys telling the stories of the dedication the Service’s team members, partners, and the people in the communities it serves have for protecting our friends in the wild.

Ian brings over 10 years of professional expertise in communication and public affairs to the Service. Ian has demonstrated a commitment to personal excellence through serving and leading assignments in the U.S. Army for Operation Enduring Freedom and, most recently, Atlantic Resolve. However, he believes that teamwork is the key to the greatest successes. He says to always lift others up and remain open to being lifted.

Ian also holds a Commission in the United States Army Reserve and has a bachelor’s in history. He lives in Louisiana with his family where you might be able to find him – if you are willing to get your boots dirty.

Areas of expertise
Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi