Carol Mahara

Carol Mahara smiles with the ocean and seaside in the background.
Ecological Services - Biologist

4700 BLM Road
Anchorage, AK 99507
United States

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About Carol Mahara

Carol Mahara joined Ecological Services in 2021 as a Senior Fish and Wildlife Biologist with specializations in NEPA and fisheries.  Prior to the USFWS, Carol was a Planning Fish Biologist for the USDA Forest Service on Prince of Wales Island, and a Subsistence Fish Biologist for the Forest Service in Juneau, Alaska.  Carol helps agencies protect fish habitat while balancing the multi-use demands on State, Federal, and private lands. She has developed innovative solutions to efficiently map extensive stream networks around project areas, collaborated with local communities on subsistence fisheries projects and issues, and empowered diverse teams to navigate obstacles and accomplish their goals.  When she isn’t reviewing project proposals or participating on a species status assessment team for the USFWS, Carol likes to be outside fishing, hunting, camping, and enjoying Alaskan adventures with her family and friends.