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A man and a woman dressed in bright orange safety gear walk across a saltmarsh during a deer hunt
Information icon Hunting in a Florida saltmarsh. Photo by FWC.

Hunting and fishing

Hunting and fishing are Southern ways of life as much a part of the region’s heritage as Coca-Cola, college football and boiled peanuts. Yet the number of hunters and fishers continues to dwindle, though not as rapidly as in other parts of the country. Fewer outdoors men and women translates into fewer dollars spent on conservation overall because license fees and taxes are used to buy land, improve habitats and boost efforts to protect threatened and endangered species.

To stem the tide, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is in the midst of a multi-year effort to increase access to wildlife refuges as well as to align hunt and fish rules more closely with the states. Check out our Find Your Hunt map and our fishing guide to discover opportunities nearest you. Read the growing library of stories and videos about hunting and fishing across the region. And get out into the woods!

Hunting stories

  1. Waterfowl

    Public access

  2. National-Wildlife-Refuges

    Hunting on Southeastern Refuges

  3. Articles

    Hog heaven

  4. Wildlife-and-You

    Hunting and fishing

Fishing stories

  1. National-Wildlife-Refuges

    Fishing on Southeastern Refuges

  2. Podcasts

    Fishing Day

  3. Wildlife-and-You

    Hunting and fishing

  4. Wolf-Creek

    Web cams

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