Recent introductions and isolations of new fish viruses are true threats, both economically to the U.S. aquaculture and to the native species. The Lamar Fish Health Center has an EPA funded Great Lakes Restoration Initiative project to increase surveillance in Lake Erie and Lake Ontario for new and emerging fish diseases, in order to help us protect the Lakes valuable recreational fisheries. Biologists will conduct focused surveys, and determine direct impacts on lake trout and lake sturgeon, as well as indirect impacts across the entire Great Lakes ecosystem. This project will also inform management of invasive species invasive species
An invasive species is any plant or animal that has spread or been introduced into a new area where they are, or could, cause harm to the environment, economy, or human, animal, or plant health. Their unwelcome presence can destroy ecosystems and cost millions of dollars.

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that may serve as pathogen hosts or the pathogens themselves to native fisheries. This work is done under cooperation with Lower Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office, the Lamar Tech Center at the Northeast Fishery Center, New York Department of Environment Conservation, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, USGS, and other internal and external partners.