A smartphone snapping a photo of a bright yellow flower in a grassy field

From birds to mammals, to rivers and bottomland forests, there are picture-perfect opportunities around every corner at Two Rivers. Read on to learn more about photography at Two Rivers before your visit.

Viewing blind – the refuge has a viewing blind overlooking wetland areas in front of the visitor center. The blind is first come first serve, and can only be used during refuge open hours (sunrise to sunset).

Commercial recording – is restricted to areas determined by the refuge manager. Anyone interested in photography, videography, filming, and audio recording for commercial use must obtain a special use permit before conducting such activities. Please contact the refuge for more information.

Closed areas – or sanctuary areas are closed to all public use, including photography as any activity can cause a disturbance to migrating waterfowl. Consult the refuge hunt brochure to learn what areas are closed and when they’re closed to the public for waterfowl sanctuary.

Multi-use areas – can be accessed for may approved activities, including hunting. Be aware of hunting in and around the areas you plan on visiting, including lands adjacent to the refuge. Wear bright colored clothing to make yourself visible to hunters.

Wildlife disturbance – it can be tempting to get just a little closer to wildlife to get the perfect shot, but it can cause great stress to the animal being pursued. We ask all users of the refuge to respect wildlife by keeping a distance, and staying on marked trails.

Share your media – if you found something unique, or captured a one-in-a-million shot, let us know! We always look forward to seeing the media captured by our talented visitors.