A group of school-age kids walking along a path in a dry environment

Take a hike! Two Rivers has a trail for everyone, enjoy the hum of busy pollinators as you walk through our Prairie Adventure Trail, a songbird chorus in a floodplain forest along the Gilbert Lake Hiking Trail, and view hundreds of wading birds along the Swan Lake Levee trail, to name a few. 

For information about individual trails at Two Rivers, visit our trails page

Prepare for your next hike at Two Rivers;

1) watch the weather, hot humid days in the floodplain call for lots of water

2) prepare for bugs by wearing log pants and packing tick and mosquito repellant

3) know where you're going before you arrive, cell service can be spotty around the refuge 

4) be aware of hunting in the area, some trails go through or next to public hunting areas. Wear bright colors like blaze orange to stand out during your hike. Visit the refuge Hunt Brochure for more information

5) know what areas are open to hikers during certain times of the year and prepare to return from your hike before the refuge closes for the day at sunset. Annual refuge closures can be found in the refuge Hunt Brochure

6) know your limits, for out-and-back trails prepare to walk the same distance back as you did on your way out