Grebe colony on North side of Tule Lake NWR Auto Tour Route

Tule Lake Auto Tour Route

Follow the signs to stay on the Tule Lake Auto Tour, which begins 4 miles south of the Refuge Visitor Center on Hill Road.  Four types of grebes along with a multitude of waterfowl species occupy the waters spring through fall. During the winter when the lake freezes, dozens of bald eagles can be found near areas of open water. Follow the signs to stay on the tour route.

Before you begin:

  • This auto tour route is 9.6 miles one way
  • Your car is a great "blind". Staying in your car will greatly increase your observation opportunities.
  • Please pull over to the shoulder as much as possible when observing.
  • Binoculars and/or a spotting scope will greatly enhance your observations.
  • Be Alert! Watch for cars and farming equipment.