Black-crowned night heron at Ibis Pond

The diverse habitats at Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge attract an abundance of wildlife throughout the year, providing excellent wildlife viewing opportunities. Over 14 miles of hiking and biking trails are maintained to provide access to all parts of the refuge. 

The refuge bird list contains over 250 species. The most popular and colorful to see is the painted bunting, a common summer resident in the island's brushy habitats. During spring and fall migrations, warblers and other migratory song birds are common among the live oaks and in the shrub/scrub habitat. A variety of raptors, shorebirds, and wading birds call the refuge home year-round. Pinckney Island NWR is one of the best places in South Carolina to see breeding yellow-crowned night herons. 

Mammals include white-tailed deer, red fox, and bobcat. American alligators are also round in abundance on the refuge, particularly in and around the freshwater ponds. 

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