Turkeys strutting at Ouray NWR

Ouray National Wildlife Refuge is located between major waterfowl flyways, but hunters can experience a surprisingly good hunt in the fall. Leota Bottom, a wetlands complex consisting of 10 impoundments, is open to duck and goose hunting each fall. Hunters use cattails and willows for cover while waiting for ducks to land in their decoys. Before cold weather freezes the impoundments, hunters average about four birds a day. While the impoundments are mainly shallow, hunters should be aware that there are a few deep spots. Mule deer and elk hunting are also open. Successful hunters often use a tree stand or other cover and patiently wait for animals to pass by on trails while they roam the river bottoms, moving quite frequently.

Read the Ouray Hunting and Fishing brochure for more information about rules and regulations for hunting on the Refuge. 

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2021 Ouray NWR Hunting and Fishing Information