An image of a hunter in a tree stand with their rifle.

Originally, the Hillside National Wildlife Refuge lands were purchased by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the Hillside Floodway/Yazoo Basin Headwater Project, which transformed much of the land into a silt collection sump via a cutoff levee containing the altered channels of Black and Fannegusha Creeks. This rare situation has created a public hunting spot especially noted for its abundant deer and waterfowl. Several nice deer are harvested each year during the general access muzzleloader hunt, solidifying the refuge's reputation as a deer hotspot. A general access archery hunt also is held. Duck hunters find Hillside National Wildlife Refuge offers excellent opportunities in its flooded timber, open water and swamp habitats. Additionally, a limited-draw turkey hunt is provided each spring. Hunting areas are accessible by boat, foot and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) trails.

Please refer to current Refuge regulations and map for additional information. A Current Public Use Permit is required for access if you are participating in consumptive use such as but not limited to, hunting and angling. Click here to purchase or obtain your permit.