Two tents, one beige and one green pitched in a clearing in the middle of the forest.

Camping, in conjunction with on-refuge wildlife-dependent activities, is permitted only in designated campgrounds and dates as listed in the Public Use brochure map legend. Persons camping and/or physical camps may not stay on the refuge longer that 14 days during any 30 consecutive day period. Camps must be occupied daily. All disturbances, including the use of generators, are prohibited between 10 pm and 4 am. Campfires are permitted only in camping areas and must be attended. Downed wood may be gathered for use as firewood at campsites. To prevent the spread of harmful invasive insects, please do not bring firewood from elsewhere. Campers are required to remove all of their trash from the refuge. In an effort to reduce damage to mowers, please remove rock fire rings upon departure from camp grounds. Campers must stay within the area blazed with white paint inside designated camping areas.