A smartphone snapping a photo of a bright yellow flower in a grassy field

Within the Great Cedar Swamp Division, visitors can photograph blue-winged warblers, ovenbirds, and short-eared owls throughout the year.

Within the Delaware Bay Division, visitors can photograph thousands of shorebirds including red knots, ruddy turnstones, and sanderlings during spring migration (end of May/beginning of June).

Within the Two Mile Beach Unit visitors can photograph shorebirds such as semipalmated plovers and American oystercatchers (spring/fall) and waterfowl such as American black ducks and northern pintails (winter). A semi-enclosed photo blind is located on the Marsh Trail as well as open air observation platforms along the Dune Trail. Seasonal beach closure is in effect April 1 to September 30.

Check out EBird as a resource to see what species have been spotted recently in the area!