Project scope summary:

  • Complete removal or ground level cutoff of old anchor points
  • Complete removal of old netting and compromised guy wires (most)
  • Engineered:
  1. Strategic consolidation of anchor points
  2. Ground anchor load spread utilizing a wholistic tension configuration opposed to the previous single point tension design
  3. Load dispersal through addressing the guy-wire support structure structure
    Something temporarily or permanently constructed, built, or placed; and constructed of natural or manufactured parts including, but not limited to, a building, shed, cabin, porch, bridge, walkway, stair steps, sign, landing, platform, dock, rack, fence, telecommunication device, antennae, fish cleaning table, satellite dish/mount, or well head.

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    and netting superstructure as independent whole units with perimeter attachment points only. This shift is meant to use the innate strength of the netting and mass to counter adverse weather events such as high winds and ice loads.
  4. Reworked interstitial pole support system. Pole supports shifted from vertical only with high shear possibilities into the addition of 4 way guy wire support anchoring stretched across the full width and length of the netting system. These longitudinal wires included fulcrum point wire bracing to maintain different planes of tension.
  5. Perimeter netting shifted to vertical with wear considerations for wear and tear along ground and fence connections
  6. Increase in guy wire support substructure by 40% to increase substructure strength and reduce shear point development potential along sagging net gaps.
  • Installation of engineered solutions
  • 434,ooo square feet of netting installed
  • Net ground attachment is a combination of lower tension wire and direct fence attachment points with c-rings every 6”
  • Post repair activities
  1. Perimeter critter exclusion along the section of netting not affixed to fencing. Approximately 1200 linear feet of woven wire cloth stapled to poles. Pending supplies and weather
  2. Development of an annual service agreement intended to prevent the 15year balloon cost. Initial ballpark agreement cost estimate 10k (includes all net, pole, anchor, and trapping preventative and repairs. Will not include cost for supplies required for significant structural maintenance)
  3. Budget synopsis
  • Picture note: the replacement netting is black with yellow tracer making the overall effect look green and nearly invisible from some angles.