Established in 2017, the alliance is a partnership representing more than 20 conservation organizations, including state and federal government, non-governmental organizations  and private entities coming together to support the health and diversity of pollinators in North Carolina through protection, restoration and creation of pollinator habitat.

The alliance's objectives are:

  • Facilitate the protection, restoration and creation of pollinator habitat across the state.
  • Develop and disseminate best management practices to enhance habitat and pollinator diversity.
  • Facilitate the production and procurement of native pollinator plants and seeds.
  • Identify and advance research opportunities.
  • Foster communication among partners, stakeholders and interested parties.
  • Collaborate/coordinate with all levels of government to establish protective mechanisms for pollinators and their habitat.
  • Act as a clearinghouse for pollinator science and information.

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Fish and wildlife biologist
Ecological Services
Review of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and Tennessee Valley Authority projects,
Endangered species habitat conservation planning,
Pollinator conservation



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The Ecological Services Program works to restore and protect healthy populations of fish, wildlife, and plants and the environments upon which they depend. Using the best available science, we work with federal, state, Tribal, local, and non-profit stakeholders, as well as private land owners, to...


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Serving western North Carolina and southern Appalachia by conserving our most imperiled species and working with federal agencies to conserve plants, fish, and wildlife.