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Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge Conducting Prescribed Fire Projects
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Beginning January 22, 2024, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, in cooperation with the State of Arizona Department of Fire and Forest Management, will be conducting a hazardous fuels reduction project on Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge adjacent to Sasabe, Arizona. 

The project will consist of a series of prescribed fires, during acceptable weather conditions. The refuge is continuing a proactive land management approach by using fire as a management tool. The prescribed burns will reduce the chance of wildfires while enhancing critical wildlife habitat and restoring native grassland processes.

Residents should expect to see crews working any day of the week through February of 2024. The Service is committed to providing professional and effective fire suppression support on National Wildlife Refuge lands, and this project will assist with that goal.

For safety purposes, the public are not allowed access to affected parts of the refuge while crews are actively conducting this management project.

For questions about these projects or the refuge, please contact Nathan Barrett at 520-993-0229 or Richard Albers at 609-335-0814.

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