Memorandum Template to Board of Survey Appointee

310 FW 5
Originating Office
Division of Acquisition and Property Policy Management


To: [Board of Survey Appointee, Organizational Address]

From: Regional Director [or Assistant Director – Management and Administration for Headquarters Boards of Survey]

Subject: Board of Survey Member Appointment

Department of the Interior (DOI) and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) policy require that a Board of Survey (Board) investigate and provide recommendations regarding financial liability for stolen, lost, damaged, or destroyed property, when the accountable action determination is gross negligence.

Managing property on behalf of the Federal Government is the shared responsibility of all Service personnel and is an important component in carrying out our mission. All employees must ensure the safekeeping of property in their custody and care to minimize the risk of waste, fraud, and abuse. When Government personal property is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, DOI AAAP-0111, Stolen, Lost, Damaged, or Destroyed DOI Personal Property and 310 FW 5, Reporting Stolen, Lost, Damaged, or Destroyed Personal Property, require that a Board of Survey examine the circumstances of gross negligence. The responsibilities of the Board are to conduct a comprehensive investigation and to fully document findings and recommendations to determine financial liability for the property (if appropriate).

You have been appointed because of your high integrity and demonstrated responsibility. At times this may be a difficult task, but I am confident you will take this role seriously and, after review of each survey, recommend appropriate actions.

Appointment to the Board is a collateral duty and does not require a significant amount of time. Meetings will be held on an as-needed basis when survey action is required. No travel is necessary. Board member appointments are effective immediately and your term of service is for [1 year, 2 years, or 3 years (but no longer than 3 years)].

If, as a Board member, you are the liable party brought before the Board or you are the supervisor of such a party, you must recuse yourself from the process for that Survey. The appointed alternate will take your place for the action.

Refer to DOI AAAP-0111 Technical Operating Procedures for Stolen, Lost, Damaged or Destroyed DOI Personal Property and 310 FW 5 for Board duties and responsibilities.