Sample Concurrence Memo for Communications Position Selection

115 FW 3
Originating Office
Division of Public Affairs


In Reply Refer To:


To: Assistant Director – Office of Communications

From: Assistant Director – Fish and Aquatic Conservation

Subject: Selection of [FULL NAME] as a Public Affairs Specialist (GS-1035-12/13) in the Fish and Aquatic Conservation Program

We are seeking your concurrence for the selection of [FULL NAME] to the position of Public Affairs Specialist (GS-1035-12/13) in the Service’s Fish and Aquatic Conservation Program.  In this position, [FULL NAME] will focus on the Service’s Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration (NRDAR) effort related to the Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill.  [HE/SHE/THEY] will work directly with the NRDAR field supervisor and be based in the Service’s NRDAR office located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

[FULL NAME] was among the highest rated candidates during a review of resumes and subsequent subject matter expert panel interview process.  [HIS/HER/THEIR] early public affairs experience in the Service, built on a collegiate record of accomplishments in one of the nation’s foremost journalism schools at the University of Alabama, positions [HIM/HER/THEM] well to continue to have success supporting the Service’s mission and goals with respect to its NRDAR work along the Gulf Coast’s five states.  [FULL NAME] began [HIS/HER/THEIR] career by playing a key role in the Service’s communications work associated with invasive carp in the Great Lakes field office.  [HE/SHE/THEY] also served in a public affairs capacity during the Service’s response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill this past summer.  In addition, [FULL NAME] possesses strong experience managing and organizing events and public meetings.  [HE/SHE/THEY] is/are being hired as a GS-1035-12 Public Affairs Specialist with a full-performance level GS-1035-13.  [HIS/HER/THEIR] resume is attached for your reference.

We request your concurrence with the selection of [FULL NAME] to be hired into this position. 

Assistant Director – Office of Communications
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service