Template for Summary Table of Directorate Comments

011 FW 3
Exhibit 2, 011 FW 3, 2/22/10
Originating Office
Policy and Regulations Branch

Comments Received after Directorate Review (insert review start date – insert review end date – DCN# XXXXX)

XXX FW XX, Insert Chapter Title

The template below includes sample text to give you an idea of how to summarize the comments you receive from the Directorate. This sample is organized by section. You may choose to organize your table by program/Region. You may also choose to use Excel to track comments if that is easier for you.

Sample is from 012 FW 1, Director’s Orders




How Addressed


Program A

Typically responsibilities sections start with the Director and work their way down the line of authority.

Moved sections to incorporate.


Region X

Change “Temporary” to “Interim.”

Disagree. Temporary and interim are synonyms. We strive for plain language and “temporary” is a more commonly used term.


Region X

Section 1.4 states that Director’s Orders (DO) should not be used to expedite policy issuance, implying that unless the issue meets criteria of 1.3, the originator should begin with a Manual chapter, not a DO. To better emphasize that Orders should not be used in lieu of a Manual, this portion of the guidance needs to be clarified further.

Incorporated by adding examples from section 1.3 and making a clearer statement about preparing Manual chapters (not Orders) in most situations.


Program A

There will be times when 2½ years is not enough [time to incorporate an Order into a Manual chapter].

True, but in most cases, this is more than enough time. We must set limitations that are reasonable so that we can keep our Manual up to date and not overuse Orders. We can make exceptions if necessary.


Region XX

Change the word “type” to “insert.”



Program Z

This [the language] looks like this is a question on the effective date. Is that correct?

Incorporated comment by changing “question about purpose…” to “sections about purpose...” I was referring to a “section,” not a question about the Order.

Overall Comments


Program B

The numbering format does not follow 011 FW 2.

011 FW 2 explains that we only need to include sections that apply to the subject of the chapter. We only used questions that apply and put them in the required order.


Program B

Why are the references to sections underlined?

They are hyperlinks to that part of the document.


Program B

Minor edits (punctuation and style) throughout.



Region ZY

You use the term “good reason” several times in this chapter. That is a very subjective term. Isn’t there something more precise?

Incorporated by changing “good reason” to “justifiable reason.”

The following offices/Regions responded that they had no comments:

  • Program TY
  • Program ZZ
  • Region A
  • Region L
  • Region ST
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