Sample Letter of Intent

341 FW 5
Originating Office
Division of Realty

In Reply Refer To:

Mr. John Doe
Chairman, The XYZ Land Trust
1000 Main Street
Arlington, Virginia  20002

Dear Mr. Doe:

We have been informed of the availability of XX acres located within the XYZ National Wildlife Refuge in XYZ County, Washington. We would appreciate The XYZ Land Trust assisting us in the acquisition of this important property.

We encourage you to consider acquiring and donating the property to the Service. However, if a donation is not possible, we will, subject to an approved contaminants survey and the completion and approval of the necessary documents, purchase the property from XYZ at your purchase price (not to exceed the Service's approved appraised value) plus an amount that will allow for the payment of related and associated expenses from a list approved by the Assistant Secretary for Policy, Management and Budget. It is anticipated that funding constraints will make it necessary to delay the completion of the purchase until Fiscal Year XX or later.

Before we reimburse you, we will request a full disclosure statement. The disclosure statement should include the following:

(1) The actual purchase price.

(2) An estimated list of expenses specifically associated with the tract to be transferred.

(3) A copy of the purchase agreement and/or deed between XYZ and the landowner.

In the event we are unable to purchase the property from you, it is understood and agreed that the XYZ Land Trust, without liability to the Government, may take whatever action is necessary to recover its investment, including the placement of the property on the open market if no conservation purchaser can be found.

We appreciate your assistance and interest in our program.