Report Analysis

281 FW 1
Originating Office
Policy and Regulations Branch


1. Is the establishment of the reporting requirement within the authority of the Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR)?

2. Does the information meet a clear, demonstrable need?

3. What would be the consequences of doing without the report?

4. Could management objectives be met if the report were required:

A. From fewer respondents?

B. Less frequently?

C. With less data or information?

D. In a simplified fashion?

E. Only upon a situation or exception basis?

5. Is the reporting requirement expressed in an official directive issued to reporters? Does the directive state clearly and definitely that a report is required? The directive should:

A. Provide all reporting guidance needed in one document.

B. State what is to be reported.

C. Include the purpose of the report.

D. Specify the due dates, or reporting period, or events or situations which require reporting.

E. Specifically identify offices, bureaus, officials, or activities which will submit the report.

F. Identify where the original and any copies of the report will be sent.

G. Give clear, concise, comprehensive instructions for preparation and submission, including any signature required.

H. Cite the identifying report symbol.

6. Does the report duplicate any information already available? Could existing electronically stored information be utilized?

7. Can the report be submitted on an existing form or is a new form needed? (A form should only be considered when such would clarify the reporting requirement, lessen the reporting burden or information collection burden, or facilitate assimilation of information gathered.)

8. Has the report been coordinated with the Division of Information Resources Management regarding the:

A. Automation approach currently used or the potential for automating the reporting requirement?

B. Methods for moving information among the organizations involved?

9. What is the specific value of report to Service or Department?

10. Are measurements required in metric units?