Job Hazard Assessment

240 FW 1
240 FW 1, 2, and 4, FWM 019, 03/26/92; and 242 FW 1, FWM 027, 05/13/92

A Job Hazard Assessment is a systematic process for identifying hazards and eliminating or minimizing their risks. First you break down a job or activity into basic steps and examine each step for potential hazards. For larger or more complex operations, you may need to first divide the operation into several activities or substeps. For each hazard you identify, you must develop a means of eliminating or controlling the hazard. You can also use a completed FWS Form 3-2279 (Job Hazard Assessment) as a guide for training employees in proper work procedures.

1. Follow these basic steps to complete a Job Hazard Assessment:

A. Basic Job Steps: List the steps necessary to accomplish the job in the order you would do them.

B. Hazards: List the tools, equipment, materials, or chemicals used for each job step, and the environment they will be accomplished in, if appropriate. List the conditions or events which could cause injury, illness, property loss for each step.

C. Safe Job Procedures: List the actions, controls, protective clothing or equipment that will eliminate or reduce the hazards identified for each step.

D.  Signatures:

· The person completing the Job Hazard Assessment signs the form as the Preparer.

· The Project Leader/Facility Manager/Supervisor signs the form as the Certifier.

2. Contact your Regional Safety Office for assistance with performing these assessments.