Use Right or Specific Interest in Land

342 FW 3
Originating Office
Division of Realty

You must use the following capital letters to identify the use right or the specific interest in land:


A     Agriculture

B     Do not use

C     Conservation Easement (do not use for a grassland easement)

D     Ditch, Canal or Culvert

E     Electrical Power Transmission Lines (see description for ET)

ET   Electrical and Telephone Combination

F     Flowage (see description for FX)

FX   Flowage and Wetland Easement (i.e., Flowage and Waterfowl Management Rights)(see descriptions for F and X)

G     Grassland Easement

GU  All Minerals (including gas and oil) (see description for U)

H     Occupancy (including building sites, buildings, fences and other similar improvements)

I      Do not use

J     Do not use

K     Do not use

L     Levee, Dike, Jetty

LS   Lease

M     Miscellaneous (for example, dock sites, pile driving, recreational area, stock driveway, right-of-passage, roadside

        park, dams, fishing, and oyster harvesting)

N     Do not use

O     Do not use

P     Pipelines (for example, gas, oil, sewer, and water pipelines)

Q     Do not use

R     Roads or Rights-of-Way

S     Do not use

T     Telephone or Telegraph

U     Underground Minerals (other than oil and gas) (see description for GU)

V     Do not use

W     Water

X     Wetland Easement (that is, Waterfowl Management Rights) (see description for FX)

XL   Land in exchange for FWS receiving title to land

XT   Timber in exchange for FWS receiving title to land

Y     Do not use

Z     Do not use