Contest Procedures and Events

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Originating Office
Division of Bird Habitat Conservation

2.1 Federal Duck Stamp Contest. The design for the Federal Duck Stamp is selected annually from among the entries submitted to the Federal Duck Stamp Contest. A panel of waterfowl, art, and philatelic experts are appointed by the Director, on behalf of the Secretary of the Interior, to make this selection. This is the only annual art competition sponsored by the Federal Government. The contest is open to all artists nationwide, including U.S. citizens, nationals, and resident aliens.

2.2 Regulations. The regulations governing the contest are published at 50 CFR 91, Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp Contest. They include:

A. Definitions and eligible species (Subpart A);

B. Procedures for entering the contest, including technical requirements and agreements (Subpart B);

C. Procedures for administering the contest, including the selection and qualification of judges (Subpart C); and

D. Post-contest procedures for the return of entries (Subpart D).

2.3 Annual Announcement. Each spring there will be a public announcement of the competition. The announcement, including the regulations, will be sent to all artists who entered the previous year's contest, to all individuals who request the regulations for the current year, and Regional Public Affairs Offices and Regional Duck Stamp Coordinators. The announcement and regulations will also be posted on the Service's Internet website.

2.4 Staff Support. Logistical arrangements for the annual competition are coordinated by the Special Events Coordinator, Federal Duck Stamp Office. The competition is staffed by members of the Federal Duck Stamp Office and volunteers from the Service. The volunteers are briefed in advance of the event on their duties and responsibilities, which might include crowd control, protection of the art, answering questions from the public, etc.

2.5 Event Schedule. The annual calendar of events is listed in Exhibit 1.

Attachments (Exhibits, Amendments, etc)