Paperwork Burden of Proposed Legislation

281 FW 6
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Originating Office
Policy and Regulations Branch

6.1 Purpose. This chapter provides procedures and general guidelines for analyzing the paperwork burden of proposed legislation originated within the Service.

6.2 Objective. The objective is to ensure that the Service's proposed legislation seeks ways to minimize the paperwork burden for the Service and the public.

6.3 Scope. This chapter applies to Service offices that are developing proposed legislation that includes provisions that would result in a collection of information (see 281 FW 4).

6.4 Responsibilities.

A. Program Offices Preparing Proposed Legislation. These offices are responsible for preparing an analysis of the paperwork burden of the legislation. The requirements for such an analysis is prescribed in Appendix 1 to this chapter. The preparing office is responsible for providing copies of the analysis as follows:

(1) Original copy should be attached to the proposed legislation;

(2) One copy for the Departmental ICCO, Office of Program Analysis;

(3) One copy for the Service ICCO, Division of Policy and Directives Management; and

(4) One copy should be retained in the preparing office with the file copies of the proposed legislation.

B. Service Information Collection Clearance Officer. The ICCO provides technical assistance to program offices in an effort to ensure that proposed legislation minimizes the paperwork burden on the public. Upon receipt of the analysis of the paperwork burden from the preparing office, the ICCO will coordinate inclusion of burden hours in the next information collection budget.

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