Other Pay Plans (FPM 534)

225 FW 3
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Originating Office
Division of Human Capital

3.1 Purpose. This chapter references key information and regulations that govern the administration of pay for members of the Senior Executive Service (SES) and employees in senior-level (SL) positions (formerly at GS-16, GS-17, and GS-18) and scientific and professional positions (ST).

3.2 Policy. Pay rate determinations for individuals assigned to SES and SL/ST positions shall be consistent with Office of Personnel Management regulations and Departmental policy.

3.3 Authority.

A. Pay for SES members is set in accordance with Chapter 53, Subchapter VIII, of title 5 of the United States Code; Part 534, Subpart D, of title 5 of the Code of Federal Regulations; and Departmental pay setting policy in 370 DM 920.

B. Pay for SL/ST positions is authorized by the Federal Employees Pay Comparability Act of 1990. Pay is set in accordance with Part 534, Subpart E, of title 5 of the Code of Federal Regulations and Departmental pay policy issued in 370 DM 534.

3.4 Responsibilities.

A. The Executive Resources Board (ERB).

(1) Reviews and approves recommendations regarding the setting or changing of pay rates for SES members.

(2) Establishes senior-level compensation policy, sets initial pay rates for employees selected to serve in SL/ST positions, and approves all pay rate adjustments other than comparability adjustments in pay.

B. The Assistant Secretary - Policy, Management and Budget acts for the ERB (under delegation provisions), provides recommendations (through the Office of Personnel) to the ERB concerning SES and senior-level pay policy, and provides recommendations on individual cases submitted for approval.

C. The Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks recommends and endorses the establishment and adjustment of SES and SL/ST pay rates.

D. The Director recommends the initial establishment and adjustment of SES and SL/ST pay rates within the Service.

E. The Assistant Director - Policy, Budget and Administration (APBA) provides technical assistance to the Director on SES and SL/ST pay matters.

F. The Chief, Division of Personnel Management provides assistance to the APBA in establishing or adjusting SES and SL/ST pay rates.

3.5 Rates of Basic Pay. The lowest rate of basic pay that may be set for SES and SL/ST positions is l20 percent of the rate for GS-15, step 1. The highest rate of basic pay that may be set for ES and SL/ST positions is level IV of the Executive Schedule.

3.6 Pay Adjustments. The pay for SES members and SL/ST employees may be adjusted only once in a 12-month period.