Mandatory Use of the Human Capital Management System (HCMS)

223 FW 10
FWM Number
Director's Order 208, 10/23/2013
Originating Office
Division of Human Capital

10.1 What is the purpose of this chapter? This chapter requires hiring managers and Human Resources (HR) professionals to use the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (Service) Human Capital Management System (HCMS). HCMS supports the President’s and the Service’s E-Government Human Capital initiative by automating the upfront hiring process.

10.2 What are the authorities for this chapter?

A. E-Government Act of 2002 (Public Law 107-347).

B. U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) End-to-End Hiring Initiative; September 10, 2008.             

10.3 What is the policy, and are there any exceptions to it?

A. Policy: Using HCMS is mandatory throughout the Service. Hiring managers and HR professionals must use the system to classify and recruit for all positions (except for those we describe in section 10.3B below). They must also use any modules added to HCMS in the future for the functions for which they’re developed.

B. Exception: Hiring managers and HR professionals do not have to use HCMS for Senior Executive Service (SES) positions, Senior Level (SL) positions, and positions covered by special retirement (e.g., firefighters and law enforcement). Managers must coordinate with their servicing HR office for these types of positions.

10.4 What is HCMS, and what are its benefits? HCMS is a suite of automated, Web-based tools that employees and hiring managers use to create and store position descriptions, job announcements, and organization charts. HCMS provides access to real-time information about our workforce.

10.5 What are the modules in HCMS? See Table 10-1:

Table 10-1: The Human Capital Management System (HCMS)

This module…

Does this…

A. Job Announcement Express (JAX)

Integrates with OPM’s USASTAFFING Automated System. The systems work together to more easily finalize job analyses, job questionnaires, and category ratings.

B. Organization Chart Management

Streamlines and standardizes the development of organizational charts to keep an up-to-date record of the organization of our agency.

C. PD Express

Is a position description/classification support system that streamlines the creation, maintenance, and storage of our position descriptions.

D. Workforce Planning Dashboard 

Helps managers analyze and plan our workforce by generating reports. To develop the dashboard, we gathered information from throughout the Service about the types of reports that managers frequently ask HR to generate. The dashboard automates the generation of those reports, and we can add reports as needed.

10.6 Who is responsible for implementing this policy? See Table 10-2.

Table 10-2: Responsibilities for HCMS implementation

This official…

Is responsible for…

A. The Director

(1) Ensuring there are programs in place to comply with the E-Government initiative, and

(2) Approving or declining to approve Servicewide policy.

B. The Assistant Director - Budget, Planning and Human Capital

Ensuring there are policy and procedures in place to efficiently manage all aspects of the Service’s Human Capital program.

C. The Chief, Division of Human Resources

(1) Developing policy for using HCMS and maintaining the system,

(2) Providing training on and answering questions about HCMS, and 

(3) Assessing customer needs and modifying HCMS as needed.

D. Regional Directors and Directorate members at Headquarters (HQ)

Ensuring that all hiring managers and supervisors for whom they are responsible use HCMS as required by Service policy.

E. Regional and HQ HR Officers

Ensuring that their HR staff work with hiring managers to use HCMS to prepare position descriptions and vacancy recruitment documents.

F. Managers and supervisors

Using HCMS to develop position descriptions and advertise vacancies in the workforce.