Reprographic Equipment Management Program

121 FW 2
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121 FW 2, 07/15/2011
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Division of Marketing Communications

2.1 What is the purpose of this chapter? This chapter establishes the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (Service) Reprographic Equipment Management Program (REMP) policy to manage the acquisition and inventory of this equipment throughout the Service.

2.2 What is the scope of the REMP? The REMP includes the acquisition of digital duplicating equipment, automatic copy-processing, and color copier-duplicating machines, including multifunctional black/color devices and desktop printers.

2.3 What is the policy? It is our policy to:

A. Ensure that we acquire reprographic equipment from vendors on the Department of the Interior’s (Department) blanket purchase agreement for copiers;

B. Ensure that employees manage and use reprographic equipment in the most cost-effective manner;  

C. Use efficient processes that help save money, such as:

(1) Establishing copy centers under central management for high volume areas, and

(2) Encouraging the use of multifunctional reprographic equipment within a network and central operation environment to reduce reliance on desktop printers; and

D. Use reprographic equipment for official use, with limited personal copying (410 DM 2).

2.4 What are the authorities for this chapter?

A. Public Printing and Documents (44 U.S.C. chapters 1 through 19).

B. Government Printing and Binding Regulations, Joint Committee on Printing, U.S. Congress, February 1990, No. 26.

C. 314 DM 9, Reprographics Management.

2.5 Who is responsible for the REMP?

A. The Director approves or declines to approve Servicewide policy, including that on reprographic equipment.

B. The Assistant Director – Office of Communications ensures there is policy in place for using reprographic equipment.

C. The Reprographic Program Manager (RPM) (designated by the Service’s Printing Management Officer):

(1) Writes and updates this policy, as necessary;

(2) Reviews Requests for Reprographic Equipment (FWS Form 3-1866) and approves or disapproves them. If disapproved, provides a justification explaining why and recommends other equipment to meet needs;

(3) Analyzes current reprographic equipment based on user requirements and determines the most economical method of acquisition (purchase, rental, lease, or cost-per-copy);

(4) Ensures that reprographic equipment meets both the Interior Strategic Sourcing Initiative and the Environmental Stewardship Commitment in 314 DM 9;

(5) Ensures requirements, such as collating, reduction/enlargement, duplexing, and scanning are considered when buying and renting equipment; and

(6) Maintains an up-to-date inventory and reviews data about equipment as required by 314 DM 9.

D. Regional and Headquarters (HQ) Chiefs, Division of Contracting and General Services (CGS) are responsible for:

(1) Coordinating with the Reprographic Program Manager when planning the purchase or rental of reprographic equipment, and

(2) Procuring reprographic equipment after ensuring the appropriate documentation and approvals are in place if the dollar amount exceeds $3,000.

     (a) Acquisitions of equipment at or above the micro-purchase level of $3,000 require an approved FWS Form 3-1866, and must be processed in the Financial Business and Management System (FBMS).

     (b) Acquisitions below the micro-purchase threshold require an approved FWS Form 3-1866, and they must be vetted by the Office of Information Resources and Technology Management (through the supervising Regional/program office) by visiting IRTM’s Intranet site and clicking on “New IT Procurement Requests.”

E. Employees who are responsible for the management of centralized copy centers must ensure that they are operating those facilities economically and that none of the work performed there could be done more economically or expeditiously through another source (e.g., Government Printing Office (GPO) contracts, etc.).

2.6 Who has to approve the purchase of reprographic equipment? The Reprographics Program Manager must approve procurement of reprographic equipment regardless of location, volume, or cost. Send requests to the Reprographics Program Manager using FWS Form 3‑1866, Request for Reprographic Equipment. There is room on the form for a justification, but you can attach an additional sheet if necessary.

2.7 What are the restrictions for copying materials? Employees must not:

A. Use reprographic equipment as a substitute for the services of the Department’s Printing Plant or GPO in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, or the GPO Regional Printing Procurement Office or other authorized Federal sources in the field.

B. Incorporate copyrighted material in any Service publication unless they get the written consent of the copyright owner or written approval of the Secretary.

(1) When a copyright owner grants us permission to use material, it does not in any way adversely affect the owner's rights.

(2) If a copyright owner refuses a request for free use, we may purchase the copyrighted material.

2.8 What is the Service policy on desktop printers?

A. Our policy is to reduce or eliminate the use of desktop printing devices whenever possible by using multifunctional reprographic equipment within a network and central operation environment.

B. Employees who print sensitive information (e.g., performance appraisals and improvement plans, classified information, personally identifiable information) or confidential information should use the “secure print” functionality of a network-attached printer.

(1) The “secure print” feature allows the user to send a document to a printer, but the document will not print until the user manually enters a security code on the machine.

(2) This feature allows proper handling of sensitive and confidential information and dramatically reduces the need for desktop printers.

C. Some employees may still have a desktop printer, such as employees:

(1) Who work in offices with three or fewer employees and offices without network-attached printers, regardless of the size of the office;

(2) With an approved reasonable accommodation; and

(3) Who regularly print highly sensitive information and are not able to use the "secure print" feature offered by network printers; and

D. When planning relocation, an office must assess printing requirements to determine what desktop printing devices they should move to the new site.

(1) In the Regions and in the field offices, the Assistant Regional Director (ARD) for each program must approve relocation of existing desktop printers. The Deputy Directorate members do this for HQ. Offices with three or fewer employees are excluded from this requirement.

(2) Individuals should send requests to move their desktop printers to the ARD or Deputy Directorate member using FWS Form 3-1866B, Request to Relocate Desktop Reprographic Equipment. The form includes a section where you select the justification (from section 2.8C) or provide an alternate justification as an attachment.

2.9 What are the recordkeeping requirements for reprographics equipment?

A. The Reprographics Program Manager must monitor requests and purchases of equipment so that he/she/they can prepare reports and answer inquiries from the Department, and to ensure we are in compliance with the Department's policy (see 314 DM 9).

B. Regional and HQ Contracting and General Services (CGS) offices must maintain records and inventory of reprographic equipment that exceeds $5,000 in value. This helps us to make sure we are making the best use of our equipment, and so that we can correct any deficiencies.

C. The Department may require periodic inventories of reprographic equipment. The Reprographics Program Manager works with the property management office in CGS to coordinate the collection of data for these inventories.

2.10 What is the process for disposal of reprographic equipment? If an office isn’t making the best use of equipment and another office needs the equipment, the first office may transfer it so that the other office doesn’t have to buy something new.

A. You must send requests for geographical relocation of production-level reprographic equipment (i.e., professional equipment in a controlled and technical printing environment with output speeds or copies per minute exceeding 70), that require Joint Committee on Printing approval to the Reprographic Program Manager on FWS Form 3-1866. The Program Manager sends the requests to the Department’s Office of Information Resources Management. Contact the Reprographic Equipment Program Manager for help.

B. If it isn’t practical to transfer equipment, and you won’t receive any trade‑in allowance, contact the property management office in CGS for disposal guidance. Prior to removal, Information Technology (IT) staff must sanitize hard drives and take care of any other IT requirements, and certify that they have done so.

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