Fish And Wildlife Permits And Licenses

032 FW 7
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7.1 General Provisions. Regional Directors may exercise all the authority of the Director for the conduct of Service permit and license programs, except as indicated below.

7.2 Migratory Bird Permits. Regional Directors' authority includes issuance of permits to import or export into or out of the United States migratory birds, or parts, nests, or eggs thereof as provided in 50 CFR 21.21.
7.3 Wildlife Import/Export.

A. Regional Directors may issue, modify, suspend, revoke, and deny import/export licenses pursuant to 50 CFR 14. This authority may be redelegated to Assistant Regional Directors for Law Enforcement.

B. Regional Directors' authority does not include the establishment of feather import quotas and the issuance of permits thereunder pursuant to 50 CFR 15.

7.4 Endangered and Threatened Species Permits. Regional Directors' authority includes:

A. Administration of the incidental take permit program in their respective Regions, including receiving and processing incidental take permit applications, in accordance with application requirements in 17.22(b)(1) or 17.32(b)(1).

B. Providing appropriate advice to potential permit applicants on preparation of Habitat Conservation Plans and application requirements and issuance criteria for subsequent permit applications.

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