Land And Water Management

032 FW 3
FWM Number
Originating Office
National Wildlife Refuge System

3.1 General Provisions. Regional Directors may exercise all the authority of the Director for the management of land and water resources, except as indicated below.

3.2 Operation and Management of National Wildlife Refuges.

A. Limitations. Regional Directors' authority in 3.1 does not include the following:

(1) Approval of proposals for acquisition of lands for wildlife refuges of more than 40 acres not within or adjacent to the boundary of land administered by the Service.

(2) Naming of refuges.

(3) Approval of agreements between the Service and other Federal or State agencies involving the Service's vested rights in the title or dedication of the lands and waters of wildlife refuge areas.

(4) Approval, pursuant to 50 CFR 32.4, of the opening of refuge areas to public hunting and fishing.

B. Redelegation. Regional Directors may redelegate all of their authority regarding National Wildlife Refuges to refuge managers with the following exceptions:

(1) Approval of activities for the soliciting of funds for the support or assistance of any cause or organization.

(2) Approval of motion or sound pictures needing a script, cast, schedule, or "props."

(3) Approval of search for buried treasure or treasure trove.

(4) Approval of the donation, loan, or sale of surplus wildlife species.

(5) Approval of special regulations for hunting of migratory game birds, including issuance of documents in 50 CFR.

(6) Approval of wildlife control operations involving live trapping and transfer, depredation permits and lethal reduction through means other than harvest.

3.3 Antiquities Act and Archaeological Resources Protection Act Permits. Regional Directors are responsible for approval or denial of applications for permits to complete work authorized by the Acts, based upon recommendations of the Regional Archaeologist or Historian.