Fishery Resources

032 FW 1
FWM Number
Originating Office
Fish and Aquatic Conservation Program

1.1 General Provisions. Regional Directors may exercise all the authority of the Director for the conduct of Service fishery programs, except as indicated below.

1.2 Operation and Maintenance of National Fish Hatcheries.

A. Limitations. The Regional Directors' authority in 1.1 does not include the following:

(1) Naming of new hatcheries.

(2) Importation of fish and fish eggs and exportation of fish and fish eggs to foreign countries.

(3) Approval of the exchange of fish or fish eggs with any commercial fish cultural establishment not already covered in formal agreements.

B. Redelegation. Regional Directors may redelegate all of their authority regarding National Fish Hatcheries and the authority set forth in 50 CFR Parts 70 and 71 to fish hatchery managers with the following exceptions:

(1) Execution of any cooperative agreements.

(2) Approval of activities for the soliciting of funds for the support or assistance of any cause or organization.

(3) Approval of motion or sound pictures needing a script, cast, schedule, or "props."

(4) Approval of search for buried treasure or treasure trove.

(5) Approval of fees, charges, or procedures for grants of privilege, and the sale or disposal of resources, products, furs, or pelts.

(6) Approval of trapping and commercial fishery programs.

(7) Approval of official wildlife control operations, including depredation permits.

(8) Approval of the donation, loan, or sale of surplus wildlife species.

(9) Issuance of special regulations, including documents in 50 CFR, for public use, hunting, or fishing on individual national fish hatchery areas.

1.3 Prescription of Fishways. Regional Directors may exercise the authority of the Director with regard to the prescription of fishways pursuant to Section 18 of the Federal Power Act (16 U.S.C. 791a et seq.) This authority may be redelegated.