Pacific Southwest Recovery Permitting

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Pacific Southwest Region co-manages more than 300 animals and plants listed as endangered or threatened species within California, Nevada, and a portion of Klamath basin in Oregon. Our Service Recovery Permit Application form is available on the web and is used when applying for a recovery permit. For additional information on how to obtain, or renew and amend a recovery permit, access our permit application and permitting regulations as well as to obtain general information about Region 8, please review information linked below. To obtain a permit application, and to learn about other types of permits the Service issues, please visit You will use the Native and Endangered Species, “3-200-59, Native Endangered and Threatened Species – Recovery Permit (i.e., Scientific Purposes, Enhancement of Propagation, or Survival Permits (i.e., Recovery Permits), which is available on the web.

Annual Summary Report Form

New!- 2023 Annual Summary Reporting form.
Download this OMB Form 3-2530 to complete a timely submission of the yearly Annual Summary Report for CY 2023 to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS). This Form must be used to report activities conducted during the previous calendar year (Jan 1 - Dec 1, 2023), and any incidental take that may have occurred during authorized activities under an active, Section 10(a)(1)(A) recovery permit.

Minimum Qualifications

An individual pursuing a Section 10(a)(1)(A) recovery permit to conduct activities for federally listed species must have adequate field experience and qualifications for independently conducting the requested activity with the target listed species. 

View Minimum Qualifications

Acquiring Field Experience

To assist you in keeping track of acquired field experience, and for subsequently providing the Service with a detailed qualification statement, we suggest using our Recommended Guidance for Tracking Field Experience.

Practical Exams and Study Guides

Some federally listed species that occur within the Pacific Southwest Region require a practical examination be taken prior to obtaining a recovery permit for that species.

View Exam Information and Study Guides

Survey Protocols and Survey Guidelines

Survey protocols and/or survey guidelines are a comprehensive set of standard instructions for conducting presence-absence (P/A) surveys and/or site assessments for federally listed species on a given parcel of land, or to conduct inventory or population monitoring projects for federally listed species.

View Survey Protocols and Guidelines

Repository Locator

list of repositories that accept salvaged plant and animal specimens and their contact information.

Permitting Offices and Contacts

You have multiple resources available to you for answering your permitting questions within the Service's Pacific Southwest Region, Region 8. For general information on recovery permitting at the regional level please contact the Regional Permit Contacts below or the field office where you are interested in working.  

Regional Permit Contacts

For information on recovery permitting at the regional level and to determine where to send your completed recovery permit application, please contact the Region 8 Permit Contacts below. Information on the recovery permit application is found by visiting U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ePermits and searching “Recovery” under “Search Applications.” To submit a recovery permit application (3-200-59) you must use the ePermits website.

Susie Tharratt

Regional Recovery Permit Coordinator

Pacific Southwest Region Headquarters

2800 Cottage Way, Room W–2606

Sacramento, CA 95825

Phone: 916-414-6561

Stephen Curry

Regional Recovery Permit Biologist

Pacific Southwest Region Headquarters

2800 Cottage Way, Room W–2606

Sacramento, CA 95825