Archery Range

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Enjoy the Refuge's FREE archery range. Bring your bow and arrows to the Havana Ponds Trail walk-up archery range located on the south side of the Refuge. The range is open daily from sunrise to sunset. The range is part of the National Wildlife Refuge System’s commitment to expand outdoor skill centers.

  • Archery Range

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    The range has 10 lanes with shooting distances of 10 to 60 yards. Lane 11 is for broadheads with your own target only. The range is first come-first served. Youth under 16 should be accompanied by an adult. No more than two people at a target and shoot no more than 4 arrows at a time as a courtesy to others waiting.

  • Archery Rules and Regulations

    Archery Regulations
    • Refuge hours sunrise to sunset
    • Overhead shooting prohibited
    • Do not shoot towards or harass wildlife
    • Use of crossbows, spears, firearms, BB guns, and other weapon prohibited on archery range
    • It is your responsibility to know all Refuge rules and regulations for the protection of wildlife and visitors

    Archery Rules
    1. Follow archery shooting procedures
    2. Number of arrows in = number of arrows out
    3. Only shoot at designated targets
    4. Always be aware of the target and what is beyond the target
    5. Always keep bow pointed toward targets
    6. Always draw bow with arrow parallel to the ground
    7. Only nock arrows at the shooting line
    8. Always have an arrow knocked when drawing to eliminate the possibility of dry fire
    9. Broadhead shooting is only allowed on Lane # 11 with your own targets
    10. Anyone 16 and under must be under adult supervision

  • Archery Range Rules

    Archery Range Rules
    1. Use of Range is at your own risk
    2. Complete registration card in brochure box and deposit into brown registration box
    3. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult
    4. Only bows and arrows (Compound or Recurve) permitted
    5. Only use field points or target points on range targets
    6. Broadheads only permitted on Lane # 11
    7. Shoot downrange at designated lane targets only
    8. Only shoot from behind the designated shooting line
    9. Maximum two archers per shooting lane
    10. Nock arrows when downrange is clear of people and wildlife
    11. Always draw bow parallel to the ground
    12. Immediately cease shooting if people or wildlife come into range view
    13. Recover arrows only when the shooting line is clear

  • Partners

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    The Refuge is grateful to partners and community members that made this range possible! 

    We are fortunate to have the expertise from Barr Lake State Park to help us design and implement the archery range. 

    Much of the range construction was completed by community members including the Outreach Team from Mile High Youth Corps, a Red Rocks Community College Student, American Conservation Experience, the USFWS Mid Plains Fire Team, and an Eagle Scout candidate who helped assemble the target sheds, build bow racks, and ground quivers and an information kiosk.