Carty Lake Trail

Carty Lake Trail
This Unit of the Refuge preserves a portion of the Columbia River floodplain. Here the habitat is ideal for wintering waterfowl, including swans who roost here by the hundreds from November through March. In the summertime, white birds on the lake will not be swans, but American white pelicans.

The Carty Lake Trail is open seasonally from May - Sept. You may access the trail from the Carty Unit by traveling down the Oaks to Wetlands Trail towards the Cathlapotle Plankhouse. Just beyond the Plankhouse, take the graveled trail to the left as it wraps around below the Plankhouse and southward towards Gee Creek. Beyond the Gee Creek Bridge follow the trail as it meanders past Carty Lake to the Port of Ridgefield. Alternatively, you may begin the Carty Lake Trail from the Port of Ridgefield where a fee free year-round path to Lake River is provided.

Facts About Carty Lake Trail

  • Temporary closure Aug 12-16th
  • Free year-round path to Lake River
  • Seasonal trail connects to the Cathlapotle Plankhouse, Oaks to Wetlands Trail and Refuge Office
  • Refuge fees apply to seasonal trail