Refuge Trail Conditions


Trail Conditions
Updated August 21, 2019


  • Bloomington Visitor Center - Hillside Trail loop, Spur Trail, Long Meadow Lake trail from Spur trail to American Blvd ONLY 
    • Please note: Long Meadow Lake Trail is closed from water control bridge below the visitor center to Old Cedar Avenue; Old Cedar Avenue to Lyndale Avenue for repairs and maintenance
  • Bluff trail from Lyndale Landing
  • Bluff Trail and boardwalk near Old Cedar Avenue parking area
  • Old Cedar Avenue parking area and Old Cedar Avenue historic bridge
  • Bass Ponds: Loop trail; Hogback trail is open to Old Cedar Avenue
  • Bloomington Ferry - Bloomington Ferry Trail
  • Bloomington Ferry Unit: Minnesota State Trail (includes "Old 18 Road") to Wilkie Unit
  • Wilkie - Minnesota River Trail
  • Wilkie Unit: Minnesota State Trail ("Old 18 Road") to Bloomington Ferry parking area

While open, sections of these trails may still contain muddy areas, flood damage, and overgrown vegetation.

 Areas below are closed to the public until further notice. 


  • Long Meadow Lake Trail (Closed from top of Spur Trail to Old Cedar Avenue bridge)
  • Long Meadow Lake Service Road (From Old Cedar Avenue toward Lyndale Landing)
  • Black Dog - Minnesota River Greenway
  • Black Dog - Black Dog Lake observation platform
  • Chaska - Chaska Lake Trail
  • Louisville Swamp - Duck Lane
  • Louisville Swamp - Mazomani East Trail
  • Louisville Swamp - Middle Road
  • Rapids Lake Education and Visitor Center - Bottomland sections of the Rapids Lake Trail

Please do not enter or use closed Refuge trails until staff has had time to assess damage and make repairs. Do not ride bicycles on Refuge trails until they have thoroughly dried and have been officially reopened.

Closed trails may still have standing water, piled silt/mud as deep as 5 feet, downed trees, and thick debris. 

Trail maps can be downloaded to reference closures on our Maps webpage.

For current river levels and road conditions, please visit: