Mother Miguel (Rockhouse) Trail Re-Route Construction


Hello trail users! We are implementing the Mother Miguel - Rockhouse trail improvements!

San Diego National Wildlife Refuge is partnering with San Diego Association of Governments, and San Diego Mountain Biking Association, with assistance from the Bonita Bikers to repair the Mother Miguel/Rockhouse Trail. The repairs include creating new long switchbacks/zigzags at the lower section that avoid the straight up/down scar and restoring plants on the eroded sections of the slopes.

Watch for new trail direction signs that will keep you on the legal, approved route across City of Chula Vista and SDGE lands to get to the new trail entry on the Refuge.

Once on the Refuge, the new route and repaired sections will reduce the severe impacts to native habitats and species like Mexican flannelbush and San Diego barrel cactus and the Quino checkerspot butterfly and California gnatcatcher.

Watch for new interpretive signs to learn about the natural resources on this National Wildlife Refuge.

We hope visitors will become volunteers to help achieve the goals of this project. You will have chances to help!
Check the bulletin board at the trailhead for dates in the future for volunteer events to help repair the trail, control erosion, and plant native plants.

Questions? Call the Refuge at 619-468-9245 ext. 226